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We have all experienced or experienced beginner happiness at some point. You take a friend to the casino . He had never been there. You told him the rules of roulette beforehand . Your story about strategy and the like passed him by online betting Malaysia 96Ace. You saw that, so you said “the rules of roulette are enough for now.”

The friend puts his first turn on 14. You still want to keep him from it. But your friend persists and immediately earns 35x his stake. That’s an extreme example of beginner’s luck. The next turn, the luck is gone for a while, but the third turn the friend earns 17x his stake with a split. That’s when you tell him, “You’re very lucky for beginners.”

At the end of the evening, back to your house, you look back on a pleasant evening in the casino. You tell him again, “you were very lucky for beginners.”

Beginners luck
Beginner’s luck is an example of selective attention. Take a serious look back at the evening. Your friend won the first and third turns with a risky stake. Sometime in the middle of the evening, he might have won two or three more times. But you yourself won much more often and you even made a profit, while the friend barely won back his initial capital.See the source image

Since the evening started with the accidental win, because that’s what it was, you believe in the magic of beginner luck with your friend. A factor in this is that ‘beginner happiness’ has been accepted in our society as a real phenomenon. But there is no such thing as beginner’s luck, just like beginners ‘bad luck or beginners’ average luck.

What is beginner’s luck?
When you understand the example above, you know that beginner luck does not exist. It is a phenomenon in which reality is filtered in such a way that only happiness is visible. The friend who immediately wins big in the example makes you enthusiastic. The concept of ‘beginner’s luck’ soon comes up and after that you just want to confirm it. In fact, thinking errors occur that we mentioned earlier on OnlineCasinoGround, for example the confirmation thinking error in gambling.

Should we forget the phenomenon of ‘beginner’s luck’? No, because it does have attractive sides. We will first look briefly at the cause. We must forget about coincidence. After all, the fact that the friend in the example immediately won is no more than an accidental favorable event.


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