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Beginner’s luck, what is it and how do you keep it

We have all experienced or experienced beginner happiness at some point. You take a friend to the casino . He had never been there. You told him the rules of roulette beforehand . Your story about strategy and the like passed him by online betting Malaysia 96Ace. You saw that, so you said “the rules of roulette are enough for now.”

The friend puts his first turn on 14. You still want to keep him from it. But your friend persists and immediately earns 35x his stake. That’s an extreme example of beginner’s luck. The next turn, the luck is gone for a while, but the third turn the friend earns 17x his stake with a split. That’s when you tell him, “You’re very lucky for beginners.”

At the end of the evening, back to your house, you look back on a pleasant evening in the casino. You tell him again, “you were very lucky for beginners.”

Beginners luck
Beginner’s luck is an example of selective attention. Take a serious look back at the evening. Your friend won the first and third turns with a risky stake. Sometime in the middle of the evening, he might have won two or three more times. But you yourself won much more often and you even made a profit, while the friend barely won back his initial capital.See the source image

Since the evening started with the accidental win, because that’s what it was, you believe in the magic of beginner luck with your friend. A factor in this is that ‘beginner happiness’ has been accepted in our society as a real phenomenon. But there is no such thing as beginner’s luck, just like beginners ‘bad luck or beginners’ average luck.

What is beginner’s luck?
When you understand the example above, you know that beginner luck does not exist. It is a phenomenon in which reality is filtered in such a way that only happiness is visible. The friend who immediately wins big in the example makes you enthusiastic. The concept of ‘beginner’s luck’ soon comes up and after that you just want to confirm it. In fact, thinking errors occur that we mentioned earlier on OnlineCasinoGround, for example the confirmation thinking error in gambling.

Should we forget the phenomenon of ‘beginner’s luck’? No, because it does have attractive sides. We will first look briefly at the cause. We must forget about coincidence. After all, the fact that the friend in the example immediately won is no more than an accidental favorable event.…

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Casino games payout percentage in Lottery

The payout percentage for casino games is significantly higher. With online video slots , more than 90% of the stake is paid out as a prize for the participants. Of course, that doesn’t say anything about your chance of winning a substantial amount on mobile casino Singapore. In that respect, a game of roulette is more convenient. There you know the payout percentage and the chance of winning per turn. And you also have some influence on your chances, because you determine what you bet on.

Card games such as (online) poker are of course even more interesting. After all, for that you need some skill and knowledge and you can increase your chances through strategy and bluff. There is no prize pool of millions, as with some lotteries. But you have a lot more fun, even if you lose, and you more or less have your chances of winning in your own hands.

Sympathetic suggestion

What could you do if you absolutely want to participate in lotteries to have a chance to win at that lottery. Then do not play every round. But save that money and participate in one round with more tickets. Your chance of winning the main prize remains small, but has improved. Do not gamble on the round with the highest jackpot. It attracts many more players and then of course lowers the chance.

However, it is more sympathetic and fun to manage your lottery capital yourself. Free up a share for your favorite charity instead of leaving the choice to the lottery organizations. Most organizations are already happy with a donation of 10 euros per month. For example, with reasons from your personal environment, you can opt for the Kidney Foundation, the Dutch Foundation for the Disabled Child, Milieudefensie or a Cancer Fund. But a local cause is also possible, for example the Poor Fund in your municipality.

With another part of your lottery capital you can still participate in a lottery. However, it is much more fun to look for a game of chance, for example here on OnlineCasinoGround. You can choose between a large chance of a small profit or a small chance of a big profit. The latter is possible, for example, with the Mega Moolah jackpot , of which the jackpot height varies, but where more than 1 billion has already been paid out.…

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Don’t be afraid, be prepared

In principle, the situation regarding the reliability and security of online casinos is now considerably better than before. Players are protected by the strict rules of the gambling authorities and they can check exactly whether everything is okay at a particular casino. When online casinos just emerged, this was different. There are also the games that are tested before they can be released. All information can be found clearly at the bottom of the homepage of the online casinos. If you are in doubt, it is always better to check that casino or further or forget it completely. On the internet you can find a lot of information about the reliability of online casinos.

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How do you recognize a reliable casino?

You can check the reliability of a particular casino in two ways. The first is by checking the licenses and the second is by looking at the certifications.

  • Licenses : If a casino has all the licenses it is required to have, then they will provide this information smoothly and clearly. You can usually find the information at the bottom of the homepage. Here you will find the information about the licenses it has and their registration numbers. Then you go to the relevant games of chance authority where you check these numbers. If the licenses are still valid, you can assume that the casino is reliable. In addition, they are regularly tested again and it is checked whether they do everything according to the rules and the laws. The license that is considered the most reliable is that of Malta.
  • Certifications : you can check the reliability of the games by means of the certifications. Then look for an emblem at the bottom of the homepage that has to do with the random number generator. This is the mechanism that ensures that all results from all digital games are always randomly generated. So you know that the results will not be tampered with. Games from major and well-known software developers such as NetEnt and Microgaming are also always tested for this before they can be released.

How do you recognize a safe casino?

Safety is of course also very important. A casino is a place where you have a financial administration, where you deposit, receive and spend money and where you provide your personal information. It is essential that an online casino pays attention to this. Always look for information about safety and good casinos pay sufficient attention to this. Check which payment methods are offered and possibly consider paying with iDeal, bank transfer or Bitcoin. These are payment methods where you do not have to leave any information about your card. There are also certifications to be obtained with regard to safety and if a casino has these, the emblem will again be displayed at the bottom of the homepage. Often this is also a direct link,

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The advent of the internet

Just like the French Revolution at the time, the availability of the internet has revolutionized the casino world. Online casinos are popping up all over the place and these were more often intended to rip off players than to entertain. Many countries had no control over this, so that online gambling is still prohibited there. Other countries restricted online gambling by issuing licenses. The gambling authorities in those countries were therefore given the arduous task of separating the wheat from the chaff and licensing only reliable online casinos. That is why there are a number of very strict requirements that online casinos must meet. If they can demonstrate this, and continue to prove it, they can officially do online business as a casino with a license from that country.

The current situation

Even though online casinos are still banned in many countries (including the Netherlands), the situation now is much more favorable than before. The reliability and security of a respective casino is much easier to check and can therefore also be trusted. The gambling authorities are responsible for ensuring that every player is offered fair play and that they can play safely at a casino. The licenses from countries such as Malta, Gibraltar and Curaçao you will find a lot at online casinos. Of course there are still casinos that are malicious, but you can easily pick this one out as a player. As a result, you play today without any risk on the digital games of an online casino.

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