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You can check the reliability of a particular casino in two ways. The first is by checking the licenses and the second is by looking at the certifications.

  • Licenses : If a casino has all the licenses it is required to have, then they will provide this information smoothly and clearly. You can usually find the information at the bottom of the homepage. Here you will find the information about the licenses it has and their registration numbers. Then you go to the relevant games of chance authority where you check these numbers. If the licenses are still valid, you can assume that the casino is reliable. In addition, they are regularly tested again and it is checked whether they do everything according to the rules and the laws. The license that is considered the most reliable is that of Malta.
  • Certifications : you can check the reliability of the games by means of the certifications. Then look for an emblem at the bottom of the homepage that has to do with the random number generator. This is the mechanism that ensures that all results from all digital games are always randomly generated. So you know that the results will not be tampered with. Games from major and well-known software developers such as NetEnt and Microgaming are also always tested for this before they can be released.

How do you recognize a safe casino?

Safety is of course also very important. A casino is a place where you have a financial administration, where you deposit, receive and spend money and where you provide your personal information. It is essential that an online casino pays attention to this. Always look for information about safety and good casinos pay sufficient attention to this. Check which payment methods are offered and possibly consider paying with iDeal, bank transfer or Bitcoin. These are payment methods where you do not have to leave any information about your card. There are also certifications to be obtained with regard to safety and if a casino has these, the emblem will again be displayed at the bottom of the homepage. Often this is also a direct link,


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