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Just like the French Revolution at the time, the availability of the internet has revolutionized the casino world. Online casinos are popping up all over the place and these were more often intended to rip off players than to entertain. Many countries had no control over this, so that online gambling is still prohibited there. Other countries restricted online gambling by issuing licenses. The gambling authorities in those countries were therefore given the arduous task of separating the wheat from the chaff and licensing only reliable online casinos. That is why there are a number of very strict requirements that online casinos must meet. If they can demonstrate this, and continue to prove it, they can officially do online business as a casino with a license from that country.

The current situation

Even though online casinos are still banned in many countries (including the Netherlands), the situation now is much more favorable than before. The reliability and security of a respective casino is much easier to check and can therefore also be trusted. The gambling authorities are responsible for ensuring that every player is offered fair play and that they can play safely at a casino. The licenses from countries such as Malta, Gibraltar and Curaçao you will find a lot at online casinos. Of course there are still casinos that are malicious, but you can easily pick this one out as a player. As a result, you play today without any risk on the digital games of an online casino.


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